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News / Actualities

Belgrade, 5 April 2021

Support to implementation of social protection services as response to COVID-19 consequences

The Swiss PRO Programme, with the support of the Swiss Government worth more than 310,000 euros and the co-funding of local self-governments in the amount of around 115,000 euros, supports the implementation of 22 projects for the development and provision of social protection services aimed at...

Belgrade, 25 January 2021

Support to countering the consequences of COVID-19 at local level

Swiss PRO Programme advertised two new public calls with the aim of supporting local communities in mitigating the impacts of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through these two public calls the Swiss Government will support with a total of EUR 435,000 up to 30...

Belgrade, 7 July 2020

The Government of Switzerland EUR 240,000 Support for the Improvement of Social Protection in 21 Cities and Municipalities in Serbia

Under the Swiss PRO Programme, 21 projects aimed at establishing an efficient and sustainable social protection system at the local level will be implemented next year.

Belgrade, 30 April 2020

Deadline for applications for public call for the development of social protection services additionally extended until May 22

Due to a State of Emergency on the Territory of the Republic of Serbia caused by the spreading of COVID-19 virus, as well as based on the feedback from local self-governments, the Swiss PRO Programme has decided to additionally extend the public call for the development...