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News / Actualities

Belgrade, 28 January 2022

Use of Social Media for Enhancing Public Participation in the Work of Local Self-Governments

The Swiss PRO Programme, with the support of the Government of Switzerland, organised a training on the use of social networks for greater participation of citizens in the work of local self-governments. After the training held on 27-28 January in Belgrade, mentoring support will be provided...

Niš, 8 July 2021

With the Support of the Swiss Government Better Access to Rights for 3,500 Citizens

At the event organized by the Swiss PRO Programme in Niš on 8 July 2021, it was highlighted that citizens’ advisory services in 13 local self-governments provided legal support to more than 3,500 citizens, among whom the most prevalent categories were women facing multiple vulnerabilities, persons...

Niš, 5 July 2021

Easier Way to Your Rights - Certificate Award Ceremony for the Successful Implementation of Projects for establishing citizens’ advisory services

The Swiss PRO Programme organizes a ceremony to award certificates for the successful implementation of projects aimed at establishing citizens’ advisory services, which were implemented in 13 local self-governments under the Call for Proposals entitled "Easier Way to Your Rights". The event scheduled to begin at...

Ćuprija, 10 June 2021

Position of more than 2,800 People from Vulnerable Groups Enhanced Through Swiss Government Support

In partnership with civil society organisations and with support from the Swiss Government through the Swiss PRO Programme, eight local self-governments implemented socially innovative projects that contributed to enhancing living conditions for more than 2,800 citizens from the most vulnerable social groups, as stated at the...