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News / Actualities

Belgrade, 9 June 2022

Social protection services improved for 3,000 citizens with the support of the Swiss Government

The quality of life for more than 3,000 citizens from vulnerable social groups has improved through the enhanced social protection services as a result of 41 projects implemented by local self-governments with the support of the Swiss Government through the Swiss PRO Programme, as highlighted during...

Niš, 19 April 2022

Swiss Government Support Improves the Situation of 2,700 People Living in Substandard Roma Settlements

The implementation of 19 local self-government and civil society organisations’ projects focusing on mitigating the effects of COVID-19 in substandard Roma settlements improved the availability of public services, meeting the needs of a total of 2,710 men and women, as highlighted during the event organised by...

Niš, 18 April 2022

Support for the Response to the Effects of COVID-19 in Substandard Roma Settlements – Presentation of Project Results

The Swiss PRO Programme is organising the presentation of results of 19 local self-governments and civil society organisations projects implemented with the aim to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in substandard Roma settlements. The event will be held, respecting all measures in power, on...

Belgrade, 28 January 2022

Use of Social Media for Enhancing Public Participation in the Work of Local Self-Governments

The Swiss PRO Programme, with the support of the Government of Switzerland, organised a training on the use of social networks for greater participation of citizens in the work of local self-governments. After the training held on 27-28 January in Belgrade, mentoring support will be provided...