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The Government of Switzerland EUR 240,000 Support for the Improvement of Social Protection in 21 Cities and Municipalities in Serbia

  • Belgrade, 7 July 2020

Under the Swiss PRO Programme, 21 projects aimed at establishing an efficient and sustainable social protection system at the local level will be implemented next year.

With the support of the Government of Switzerland worth EUR 240,000 and the contribution of local governments in the amount of about EUR 73,000, the availability and quality of social protection services will be increased for more than 1,400 citizens from vulnerable social groups.

Local self-governments will implement projects in the field of home assistance services, counselling and socio-educational services, therapeutic services which include a sensory room, as well as one project providing respite accommodation for people with disabilities. The implementation will be carried out independently or in partnership with centres for social work, community health care centres or other local self-governments.

The implementation of these projects will improve the position and social inclusion of members of vulnerable groups, especially older people, adults with disabilities, children with disabilities and their
families, children and youth with disabilities and behavioural problems, as well as social protection beneficiaries from rural areas.

For more information on each project, see the Factseet on public call results on the Swiss PRO website.