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Support to implementation of social protection services as response to COVID-19 consequences

  • Belgrade, 5 April 2021

The Swiss PRO Programme, with the support of the Swiss Government worth more than 310,000 euros and the co-funding of local self-governments in the amount of around 115,000 euros, supports the implementation of 22 projects for the development and provision of social protection services aimed at mitigating the impact of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. These projects will enhance the availability and quality of social protection services for more than 2,000 beneficiaries from vulnerable groups.

Local self-governments will implement, independently or in partnership with centres for social work, health centres or other local institutions, projects in the field of provision of services such as home care, personal assistant, day care, accommodation respite care, counseling and socio-educational services, combination of medical and social protection care, as well as a project that provides free meals to the most economically vulnerable groups in rural areas.

The implementation of these projects will improve the position and social inclusion of beneficiaries from vulnerable groups, primarily the elderly, children and youth with disabilities and their families, families at risk of child separation, victims of domestic violence and beneficiaries of social protection from rural areas.

The following LSGs have received support for the improvement of social protection within this public call: Babušnica, Blace, Brus, Ćuprija, Gadžin Han, Ivanjica, Knjaževac, Lapovo, Lebane, Loznica, Negotin, Paraćin, Pirot, Prijepolje, Prokuplje, Rača, Raška, Ražanj, Rekovac, Surdulica, Svilajnac and Tutin.

The approved projects were selected through a public call which was open from January 25 to February 26, 2021, and 96 cities and municipalities from Šumadija, west, east and south Serbia, from the second, third and fourth development groups, which currently provide up to three social protection services in the local community, were eligible to apply for support.

More details about the approved projects are available at the Programme results section.