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News / Actualities

Belgrade, 1 July 2019

Progress in introduction of e−Government in Serbia; local self-governments still have a lot to do

Birth registries were transferred into electronic format and shifted into the Government’s Central Server in even 90% of the local self-government units (LSUs) in Serbia. In the next period, a great number of LSUs will work on improving e-Services rendered to citizens.

Belgrade, 29 June 2019

Development of Good Governance Capacities in 33 Local Self-Governments

The Swiss Government is continuing with its support to cities and municipalities in laying down the foundations for improving governance through the Swiss PRO Programme.

Belgrade, 5 June 2019

Swiss Government supports the establishment of Citizens’ Advisory Services in 13 local self-governments

The Swiss Government will support thirteen (13) municipalities through the Swiss PRO Programme to establish Citizens’ Advisory Services (CAS), which will focus on improved access to rights for over 5,000 vulnerable men and women. Local self-governments (LSGs) will use the support in the amount of over...

Belgrade, 29 May 2019

Ninety-Six Local Self-Governments Embark on Good Governance

The representatives of 96 local self-governments have signed today the Memorandum of Understanding in the area of good governance with the Swiss Pro programme, supported by the Government of Switzerland, thus setting up the foundation for building of capacity and resources and beginning of a long-term...