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Eight new e-Services presented in Novi Pazar

  • Novi Pazar, 22 October 2021

As of 22 October 2021, the citizens of Novi Pazar will have eight new electronic services available for use. These e-services were developed by the City Administration, with the support of the Government of Switzerland through the Swiss PRO Programme and in cooperation with the Office for Information Technology and eGovernment.

The Swiss PRO Programme launched the campaign "Let’s Click Together" by organizing the first in a series of events. At the main city promenade in Novi Pazar, near Sebilj, citizens were introduced to the benefits of using the electronic services at the local level, as well as on how to access the eGovernment portal, register and launch one of the eServices.

During today’s event, more than 260 citizens of Novi Pazar had the opportunity to get directly acquainted with all the benefits offered by electronic services, but also to assess how informed they are about the available eServices.

“On this occasion, I would like to thank the Government of Switzerland and the Swiss PRO Programme for providing the opportunity to the City of Novi Pazar to be included in this project and for being here today to bring the developed eServices more closer to our citizens within the "Let’s Click Together" campaign. It is very important to get closer to the services available for the City of Novi Pazar. By upgrading eGovernment in our city, we save time and money in an easy way. Citizens of our local community can easily reach information about eight new eServices which simply brings us closer and more accessible to our citizens through electronic administration", said Nihat Bisevac, Mayor of Novi Pazar.

Through the eGovernment portal, the citizens of Novi Pazar can now submit a request for salary compensation for maternity leave or the issuance of location information, report a communal problem or submit petitions to the communal, traffic and environmental inspection. In addition, some of the new eServices available to the citizens of Novi Pazar would also be a possibility to submit an objection to the draft planning document as well as to a decision on the development of a planning document during a public inspection.

"With the development of eGovernment, the efficiency of local government is improved and,at the same time, it enables citizens to exercise certain rights and access public services within the competence of local self-government quickly and easily, without waiting in a row and with no additional costs. Novi Pazar is one of 35 local self-governments that have established new eServices available to all citizens, with the technical and financial support of the Government of Switzerland through the Swiss PRO Programme", said Maida Jusufovic, Officer for Good Governance and Gender Equality of the Swiss PRO Programme.

The campaign “Let’s Click Together” is a part of the Programme “Enhancing Good Governance and Social Inclusion for Municipal Development – Swiss PRO“, supported by the Government of Switzerland in cooperation with the Government of Serbia, and implemented by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in partnership with the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM).