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New Set of Online Training in the Field of Security Available for Local Self-Government Employees

  • Belgrade, 4 November 2022

Three new online training courses in the field of security, available on the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) electronic learning platform, were developed with the support of the Government of Switzerland, within the cooperation between the Swiss PRO Programme and NAPA as key institution for professional development of public servants.

The courses cover three topics that are essential to every local self-government and are available to users registered on the NAPA electronic learning platform - LMS.

The first module is covering the topic of "Good Governance in the Context of Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Management", the second is covering the topics of "Local Self-Government Unit Security Actions", while the third is covering "Crisis Communication in Emergencies". The training is a part of the 2022 LSG General Professional Development Programme, approved by the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government.

The courses can be accessed at any time and their duration is not limited; they also include a test after the set of lessons.

The development of the training was supported by the Swiss Government within the Programme "Enhancing Good Governance and Social Inclusion for Municipal Development – Swiss PRO", implemented by the UNOPS Serbia. The Swiss PRO Programme is solely responsible for the content of the training, which does not necessarily reflect the official views of the Swiss Government.