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Notice of implementation of activities during COVID-19 pandemic

  • Belgrade, 17 March 2020

In accordance with the Decision on proclamation of emergency status on the territory of the Republic of Serbia aimed at implementing preventive measures to prevent spreading of COVID-19 virus, we hereby inform you that Swiss PRO Programme has postponed all public events, including training courses, workshops, meetings and other gatherings already planned for the coming period. All planned activities will be implemented as soon as the conditions are met, and the latest information on further implementation of the activities will be communicated to all beneficiaries and partners via the e-mail, website and social networks of the Swiss PRO Programme.

Due to the global pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Swiss PRO Programme implemented by UNOPS Serbia Project Office is undertaking prevention and protection measures recommended by the Government of Serbia and medical experts, while keeping the work processes ongoing. As safety of our stakeholders and personnel is of the utmost importance for us, the recommended limited physical interaction is achieved through several measures.

The flexible working arrangement has been activated to enable all personnel work from their homes, while keeping the productivity on the high operational level and maintaining contact and coordination via electronic communication and phone with all partners and beneficiaries.

Having in mind the state of emergency accompanied with a range of daily updated measures declared throughout the Republic of Serbia, certain slowdowns in the implementation of our activities are presumably inevitable. Still, UNOPS personnel are working closely with our partners and beneficiaries to mitigate the risks or resolve the issues arising from the current situation.

With high hopes that these challenges will be jointly successfully overcome, UNOPS is strongly reinforcing its mandate – to help people build better lives and countries achieve peace and sustainable development – and its commitment to support the Government of Serbia, its citizens and the international and domestic partners, to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak and provide tangible assistance.