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Good Governance at Local Level Training Begins

  • Belgrade, 17 October 2018

Within Swiss PRO Programme, 180 participants will attend the online training on good governance at the local level, organised by the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM). This six-week online “e-training” is intended for decision-makers and staff of towns and municipalities with objective to provide support to local self-governments (LSGs) through enhancing their capacities to adopt and apply good governance principles (efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, accountability, rule of law, participation, equality and non-discrimination) in daily practice.

“The aim is to assist LSGs representatives to better conceive their actions and performance and apply good governance principles, such as transparency in decision-making and performance of LSGs tasks, improved administrative efficiency and effectiveness, compliance with the principles of equality and equity of all citizens," said Ivan Milivojević, Assistant Secretary General for the services to the SCTM members.

He added that the trainees will be able to attend the training while they are at work in Local Self-Governments, and that there is an option to attend it outside of their working hours, as it is sufficient to have computer access.   

“This is the possibility to enhance and improve the work of the representatives of Local Self-Governments in Serbia, through gaining new knowledge, sharing practical experience and sharing information on operation and governance," stated Milivojević.

Ana Nedeljković Belja, Swiss PRO National Programme Manager, said that the e-training is focused on capacity building and enhancement of local staff.   

“It means that the trainees will have an opportunity to learn how to include citizens in their daily work through practice, specific examples and theory, thus enabling improved transparency of Local Self-Government operation, and perform their tasks as good as possible,” she said, adding that it is very important for the representatives of municipalities in Serbia to use the information on good governance offered by e-training, as it will enable more success in their work on projects implemented in Local Self-Governments.

“Gained knowledge needs to be transferred to enable use of good governance principles in a long and continued process,” stated Nedeljković Belja.

She added that, apart from e-training, the programme includes regional training sessions for the decision-makers and representatives of Local Self-Governments.

This activity is organised by SCTM within the “Enhancing Good Governance at Local Level” project, supported by the Swiss Government through the programme “Enhancing Good Governance and Social Inclusion for Municipal Development – Swiss PRO” implemented by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).