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E-Governance Improved in 70 Local Self-Governments with Swiss Government Support

  • Belgrade, 27 May 2022

New eServices and open data are available to citizens in 70 towns and municipalities, as result of Swiss Government Support, through the Swiss PRO Programme, was announced at the event held on 27 May 2022 in Belgrade, which marked the end of the campaign under the slogan “Let’s Click Together!”.

With Swiss Government support, and in cooperation with the Government of Serbia and local self-governments, the Swiss PRO Programme has provided comprehensive technical and financial support to improve the capacities and procedures for the provision of eServices and open data, as well as website development.

“The activities in the area of digitalisation and eGovernance have for a number of years been on the top of the list of priorities of the Republic of Serbia Government. Swiss Government support through the Swiss PRO Programme, is of tremendous significance in strengthening local self-government employees to improve their knowledge and procedures for eGovernance operations, so they can put all their capacities in the service of improving these services used by citizens and businesses. We remain dedicated to further develop eGovernance tailored to us all, so we can additionally improve the quality of life of citizens and future local and economic development,” said Aleksandar Trivić Lovčanski, Special Advisor to the Minister, with Chief of Staff competences, on behalf of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government.

Towns and municipalities have been provided with the opportunity to publish their electronic services on the improved eGovernance portal, and significant contribution of the programme is also in the domain of awareness raising on the importance of eGovernance, developing the regulatory framework at the local level and acquiring practical skills to provide eServices, was also said during the event.

“Swiss Government has for over 20 years been supporting the reform and modernisation of local self-governments, and through the Swiss PRO Programme, we have been improving the conditions under which eServices are provided, as well as the service provision and better access to open data, which ensures higher transparency and efficiency. All this is not an easy endeavour, and this is why all local self-governments that have introduced various new eServices deserve praise. We will continue to support the introduction of eServices, which will increase transparency and efficiency of governance in Serbia at all levels,” said Melina Papageorgiou, Governance Advisor with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

As part of the public information campaign implemented throughout Serbia, promotion of eServices was organised on public squares, with over 1,800 citizens presented with the opportunity to access directly and easily certain rights and services under the auspices of the local administration through the eGovernance portal, while around a million people were informed via social media about the advantages of using eServices and open data.

“Many local self-government services are now cheaper and faster, and really more efficient for citizens and businesses. We must not forget that men and women citizens access their rights and complete their tasks at the local level, and we will keep striving to further develop eGovernance and eServices at the local level. Owing to the support of the Swiss Government, together we have been able to bring about positive change,” said Marko Vujačić, Head of Programme in UNOPS Serbia.

Special recognition by the Swiss PRO Programme of advances in opening data was awarded to Novi Pazar Town, which published 65 data sets on their open data portal, while Vrnjačka Banja Municipality was awarded special recognition for their advances in the provision of eServices and the use of data exchange systems for tasks under original and transferred competences.

Experiance in developing eGovernance at the local level with the Swiss PRO Programme support was shared at the event by the representative of Municipality of Krupanj.

“The work on establishing new eServices would be much more complicated without significant support provided by the Swiss PRO Programme. The improved local eGovernment enabled better communication with citizens and enhanced their satisfaction with provision of services by our local self-government,” said Svetlana Milovanović, Associate for Local Economic Development and Information in the Municipality of Krupanj.

The event also saw a video presentation of the success of the project implemented by Municipality of Mali Zvornik.

More information on the results of implemented activities is available in the Fact Sheet on results of the support of Swiss PRO Programme.