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​Capacity building for good governance at the local level continued with Training of Trainers​

  • Zlatibor, 17 September 2021

Through "Training of Trainers" for 22 representatives of local self-governments, the Swiss PRO Programme has further strengthened the capacities of Good Governance Competency Units.

After completion of the training for implementation of good governance priciples and successfully passing the final test, the local self-governments employees attended an additional five-day training organized by the Swiss PRO Programme in cooperation with the team from September 13 to 17 on Zlatibor.

"In the previous period we gained a lot of knowledge, and now we have acquired skill to pass on what we have learned. It is good that we know how to conduct training in the most efficient way, in order to achieve our common goal, to have local self-governments that work in accordance with good governance principles", states Ivana Knezevic Spasovic from Nis.

The aim of this additional training is for employees in local self-governments to master coaching techniques so that they can share knowledge with colleagues, says Maida Jusufović, Swiss PRO Programme Officer for Good Governance and Gender Equality.

"Further transfer of knowledge on the application of good governance principles contributes to the better quality of public services that local self-governments render to citizens and businesses," Jusufović points out.

The training was organized within the Swiss PRO Programme, which is supported by the Government of Switzerland in cooperation with the Government of Serbia, and implemented by UNOPS Serbia in partnership with the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities.