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Capacity Building for Good Governance at the Local Level – Certificate-Awarding Ceremony

  • Belgrade, 10 December 2021

The Swiss PRO Programme is organising an event entitled "Capacity Building for Good Governance at the Local Level", which will be held on Tuesday, 14 December 2021, starting at 1 p.m. in Belgrade.

The main topic of the event will be the impact of professional development and sharing experiences between civil servants on improving the operation of public administration, as well as the benefits for citizens from the application of the good governance principle at the local level.

At the event, representatives of 32 local governments will be awarded certificates for successful completion of training for the implementation of the good governance principle in practice, whie
certificates for successful attendance of training of trainers will be awarded to 26 employees in local self-governments. The trainings have been conducted with the support of the Government of Switzerland through the Swiss PRO Programme.

The event will be attended by representatives of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, the National Academy of Public Administration, the Swiss Cooperation Office, the UNOPS Serbia, as well as employees from 23 local self-governments who attended the previous training cycle.

Through the training programmes conducted within the Swiss PRO Programme, local expert teams for the implementation of the good governance principle have been established and strengthened. Through this event, we want to present the local professionals to the relevant national institutions and related organisations as a permanent resource for capacity building of local administration.

You can follow the event via the ZOOM platform, using this link.



13:00 - 13:05   Welcome speech:

  • Ana Nedeljković Belja, National Programme Manager, Swiss PRO 

13:05 - 13:25   Opening Addresses:

  • Mila Stanković, Head of Department for Projects, Sector for European Integration and International Cooperation, Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government
  • Dejan Miletić, Acting Director, National Academy for Public Administration
  • Petar Vasilev, National Programme Officer, Swiss Cooperation Office in Serbia

13:25 - 13:30   Projection of video on impact of trainings

13:30 - 13:45   Building expert teams for good governance at the local level

  • Dragan Mladenović, Good Governance Advisor, Swiss PRO
  • Nenad Jovanović, trainee from the first cycle of trainings, Municipality of Lebane
  • Jasmina Štrbac, trainee from the second cycle of trainings, Municipality of Veliko Gradište

13:45 - 14:00   Certificate-Awarding Ceremony